Peace of mind when you need overnight care.

We understand that you may find you need overnight care if you or someone close to you feel uncomfortable being left alone.

We also understand that everybody is different, and each situation is unique, which is why our overnight care is tailored to you. We will match you with one of our caregivers and help will be available at any time whilst they’re there.

This means you or your loved one can stay in your own home – the place that is most comfortable.

It can also be daunting to acknowledge that care is needed. Let us put your mind at ease – speak to our friendly team and find out how we can help you.

We are here to help when you need us
  • On call from 7am – 7pm for client needs
  • Flexible and fast scheduling
  • Regular quality assurance
  • Thorough care management and family support
  • Online or phone booking system
Gratis Home Care - Overnight Care

Services Available

  • Administering medications
  • Assisting with toileting
  • Assisting with personal care
  • Prompting medication
  • Assisting in and out of bed
  • Regulating temperature
  • Repositioning and Turning
  • Monitoring vital signs

What types of overnight care are available?

There are two types of overnight care available. They’re known as Active overnight care and Passive overnight care.

Passive Overnight Care

Passive Overnight Shifts require that someone is in the home, in a separate bedroom and bed provided,  and be ‘available’  if a need arises during the night, but not designated to perform any service duties prior to the shift commencing. If woken through the night to assist the client, the shift converts to an ‘Active Shift’ and the caregiver will be be paid as such.

Active Overnight Care

Active night assists those who need intermittent or continuous staff assistance throughout the night.

In accessing In-Home Care and Assistance, becoming informed and educated is the first step.