Come on Board! It’s FREE, It’s Empowering and It’s full of ‘Answers’

Gratis Home Care - Come On Board! It’s FREE
Gratis Home Care – Come On Board! It’s FREE

What is ‘it?’ READ |SET | GO!

Free Information/Education Sessions to untangle and explain the In-Home Care Assistance and ‘how it all works’

GRATIS HOME CARE is here! And we make it as easy as ABC, 123.
‘Then we hold your hand to help you through!’

Are You, Mum or Dad feeling ‘Alone’? Feeling under-valued, unacknowledged, and unsupported? They do not want to ‘ask’ for help; refusing to acknowledge the challenges; avoiding feeling ‘controlled’ or pushed… Is this how it should be?

How many years before we are in the ‘same boat’?

We, Gratis Home Care, are here to advocate and empower our elderly and the community to feel confident. To become informed and pro-active, and to remain in the ‘driver’s seat’.
The authors of their own story!

A lifetime of contribution to their families, communities, and even their Country as a Veteran;
A mother who has raised her children through hard times; stood up each day to dust herself off and ‘start again’! Is this how they envisaged their twilight years:

  • Anxious and frightened about the future?
  • Worried that the community they served so diligently, the family they loved so dearly will see them now as a ‘burden”?
  • Frightened that we, their family, will become irritated by a request for assistance?
  • Too proud as a ‘Trooper’ to acknowledge they are challenged?
We have the solution! And we also understand that time is precious. We work and struggle through our own journey to support family and friends each day. We want to ensure our Parents and Grandparents are supported to ‘Stay at Home’; but the system just seems way to complex and confusing! Jump on Board! Share the message out!

Give us a call to reserve your space now! Or simply ring and have a chat! We will help!

We are Gratis; Gratis Home Care! 1300 GRATIS (1300 472 023)

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