Home care: Combining Affordability and Convenience

The Australian Government subsidises a range of aged care services in Australia. It is expected you will contribute to the cost of your care if you can afford to do so.


Basic daily fee for home care packages

You could be asked to pay fees for the care you get as part of your home care package. The fees are based on the financial information you give to the Department of Human Services.

Any fees will be discussed between you and your provider before you start services.

Types of fees

There are three types of fees your provider may ask you to pay:

Your chosen provider is able to charge administration costs, case management costs and any other additional amount you have agreed to pay, to your home care package funds. All amounts to be charged to the home care package funds must be outlined in your individualised budget that will form part of your Home Care Agreement and agreed to by you.

Basic daily fee

The basic daily fee for a home care package is 17.5% of the single person rate of the basic age pension. From 20 March 2018, the single rate of the basic age pension is $826.20 per fortnight, making the basic daily fee (from 20 March 2018 to 19 September 2018):

$10.32 per day; or

$144.48 per fortnight

This amount applies even if you are a member of a couple.

The basic daily fee is calculated daily, and you pay the basic daily fee for every day you are receiving a home care package – from the day your care starts to the day your care ends. The basic daily fee is still paid while you are on social leave or hospital leave from your package but your home care provider cannot ask you to pay this fee while you are on leave from your package because you are in transition care or residential respite care.

The basic daily fee is generally paid to your service provider fortnightly or monthly and your provider can ask you to pay fees up to one month in advance.

Find out more about the current rates on the Schedule of Residential and Home Care Fees and Charges.

Further information on the age pension and a full list of current rates is available on the Department of Human Services website.

Further information on the Service Pension and Income Support Supplement and their rates are available on the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website.


If you are receiving a home care package, and you are a former Prisoner of War (POW) or Victoria Cross (VC) recipient, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will pay the basic daily fee on your behalf and you do not have to pay an income-tested care fee (if your provider asks you to pay one).

For more information, contact the Department of Veterans’ Affairs on 133 254 or 1800 555 254 (for regional callers).

Financial hardship assistance

If you cannot pay your home care package costs for reasons beyond your control, you can ask for financial hardship assistance. Read more about financial hardship assistance.


Department of Human Services call 132 300 or 1800 227 475 (for regional callers).

Financial assessment by Centrelink

If you want to discuss an urgent financial assessment you should contact Centrelink on 1800 227 475 or visit the Department of Human Services website for information on the assessment process.