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“Powerful Words-Powerful film…” says one viewer

“The essence of great dementia care is understanding that a person with dementia does not have behaviours; they have feelings.” – David Sheard, founder of ‘Dementia Care Matters’ and creator of the ‘Butterfly Model TM’.

A wonderful film, We Are Family, premiered on the 8th of November at the UK Dementia Congress in Brighton, England. It showcases the “Feelings Matter Most” Philosophy, which champions the importance of experiencing the ‘beauty of the moment’, ‘sharing and celebrating life’.

Gratis Home Care is constantly researching and resourcing the latest philosophies, practices, clinical studies and technologic advances in all areas of Aged Care.

Please let us know what you think and ‘feel’ about this beautiful, powerful, little movie!

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Take a moment to try the exercise David includes in his training sessions for Dementia Specialists. Without cheating 😊 Draw both sides on a piece of paper, of a $2.00 coin.
We see these nearly every day and ‘feel’ that we ‘should remember’ what is on it, don’t we?
See how you go! But most importantly, note how you ‘feel’ when you don’t seem to be able to remember all that is on the coin! – ‘Frustrated, Failing….?’

Now take a moment to step into the shoes of someone who experiences this ‘every moment’ of their day!

Dr David Sheard, Founder of Dementia Care Matters (UK)
Dr David Sheard, Founder of Dementia Care Matters (UK)

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